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How to get the most from working with Australian lifestyle bloggers

Australian lifestyle bloggers are a dream come true for brands big and small. On a daily basis, lifestyle bloggers are influencing the buying decisions of consumers and have plenty of room to cover a whole host of product categories and services. From sunglasses to shoes, homewares to health food, cars to cameras, and everything in between, Australian lifestyle bloggers are cleverly integrating product and messaging into content to inspire consumers to buy. Add lifestyle bloggers to your marketing mix to create a campaign with a creative edge that will place your brand in front of loyal audiences.

What is a lifestyle blogger, anyway?

Simply speaking, lifestyle blogs are blogs about life. Content is inspired from the personal experience and interests of the blogger. A lifestyle blog can morph into beauty and lifestyle, travel and lifestyle, food and lifestyle, home and lifestyle – whatever appeals to the blogger.

Which brands work with lifestyle bloggers?

From supermarket giants to boutique stores, brands are achieving success working with Australian lifestyle blogs. Lifestyle bloggers have successfully partnered with fashion and beauty brands, home, health and hardware brands and more – even entertainment venues are lining up.

The top lifestyle bloggers all do these things!

Engage their audience

Influential lifestyle bloggers work hard to grow an engaged community of followers. Thanks to compelling content and active social media accounts, they have a strong relationship with their audience.

Cleverly integrate products and messaging

Did you notice the designer dress that blogger wore to an event? What about the cool running gear they sported in a sweaty selfie snapped after a run? Lifestyle bloggers ensure messaging and product placement is carefully interwoven into content guaranteeing authenticity.

Produce compelling content

Gift guides, beauty tips, recipes and hacks, lifestyle bloggers are renowned for their ability to produce content that people want. Content is useful, interesting and authentic.

Lifestyle audiences are hungry for your brand – here’s how to serve them best

Sponsored posts, reviews and giveaways are effective ways to collaborate with lifestyle bloggers.

Say you’re a health insurance company targeting young families. We can pair you with an influential lifestyle blogger that aligns with your brand and has access to your target audience. The blogger then shares, via a sponsored post, their experience with health insurance and its benefits. Food brands often collaborate with food and lifestyle bloggers to produce recipes promoting products. Short recipe videos are a creative alternative growing in popularity. For fashion and beauty lifestyle bloggers, tagging brands on social media to showcase a product is a popular collaboration.

Got a local lifestyle business? Why Brand Meets Blog is the only choice!

Brand Meets Blog has access to niche and highly influential lifestyle bloggers here in Australia. Whatever your business needs, we can partner you with a top-tier lifestyle blog that will bring your brand results.

In addition to our bloggers with a national presence you also can connect with:


  • More than 140 lifestyle Bloggers in Sydney & NSW
  • More than 150 lifestyle Bloggers in Melbourne & Victoria
  • More than 40 lifestyle Bloggers in Adelaide & South Australia
  • More than 40 lifestyle Bloggers in Perth & Western Australia
  • More than 30 lifestyle Bloggers in ACT, NT, Tasmania & NZ
  • More than 100 lifestyle Bloggers in Brisbane & Queensland


Check out our lifestyle blogger campaign with The Heart Foundation

Campaign Type: Multiple local events and sponsored content over an extended period

Campaign Goals: Educational and Awareness Raising

Brand Meets Blog have worked with The Heart Foundation on multiple campaigns.  These included cooking demonstrations with health and lifestyle bloggers as well as awareness for various health campaigns.   Heart Foundation built a relationship with BMB bloggers to encourage ongoing conversation about heart health.  Social results were highly engaged and highly positive across all networks.

Instagram shots from Australian Lifestyle BLoggers at the Heart Foundation Educational Evening

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