Australian Journalists on Twitter

Are you using Twitter for PR?  Here’s a big old list of influential Australian journalists on Twitter.  When you book your campaign with Brand Meets Blog, get the maximum PR value from your Tweet by @tagging the right people.  Is there an industry journo whose radar you’d love to “pop up on”?  Why not book a campaign with a handful of influential Tweeters and get them all tagging your journalist.  How’s that for getting some attention!

Twitter Handles for Australian Media

Australian Journalist on Twitter

Journalist Latika Bourke has an excellent resource for finding Australian journalists on Twitter.  Her lists divvy up Twitter handles by topic and she has an up to date list of Australian journalists for you to follow and tag.

There are plenty of journos on Twitter – don’t spam all of them!

The problem with lists is that they expire.  People change jobs. People retire.  People get promoted.  So while there’s a comprehensive list of reporters and media folk below, don’t just start @tagging indiscriminately.  Make a list of the most influential journalists in your industry and start building an authentic relationship.  There’s a reason Brand Meets Blog pushes “real, Australian, authentic followers” – that’s where the ROI is at!

Australian Broadcasting Corporation journalists on Twitter

ABC News Journalists Australia

ABC Journalists on Twitter


News Corp (formerly News Limited)News Corp Publications

News Limited Journalists on Twitter

Fairfax journalists on Twitter

Fairfax Media

This is just a small portion of the Fairfax Media empire.  For more, visit their website.

Fairfax Journalists on Twitter

Crikey Independent Media

Crikey Indpendent Media Resource Australia


Crikey Journalists on Twitter

Freelance and Specialist Media Journalists

IT News Logo Gizmodo Gadget Blog

Freelance and Niche Journalists on Twitter

Gay News Source Sydney Star ObserverZD Net Podcasting Journalists

Tech Niche Journalists on Twitter


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Got journalists?  Now collect your Twitter influencers

If you’ve been tagging journalists for months and getting no PR benefit, it’s time to plan your own media campaign.  First, you’ll need newsworthy content.  Just tagging journalists with every tweet will drive them batty!  It’s better to engage with their tweets, demonstrate that you know your stuff, get chatting with them and then BAM, hit them with your big news.  How can Brand Meets Blog help?  While you’re chattering away about your new project, you can instruct our Twitter influencers to tag them and let them know your news too.  Have them see what you’re up to from multiple sources – in other words, give your news, newsworthy credibility.

How?  Plan your launch or your big announcement and lock in Twitter influencers right now.  Instruct them carefully about your big news and give them accurate @tags to include in their tweet.  Ready to change up your PR activity?

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