How Much do Australian Bloggers Charge?

How much do Australian bloggers charge? What about social media influencers? It’s a simple question with a pretty complicated answer.  Here’s how it goes.  You attempt to book in a blogger outreach campaign and the blogger quotes you tens of thousands of dollars.  EEK.  Arbitrary charging is one of the biggest challenges of the content marketing industry but we’re here to help.

How Much Do Australian Bloggers Charge for Sponsored Posts?

Our bloggers and influencers charge fairly!

Our Influencers “name their price” – we don’t tell them what to charge.  We do however line them up side by side so you can compare rates and gage where your ROI will best come from.   We took everything we know about social media and blogging (and we’ve been working in blogger outreach for close to a decade now) and created a charging algorithm that ensures fair fees for businesses.   Blogger and Influencer rates are calculated on a cost per average impression and average click-through rate (influence).  We’ve scaled blogging charges to be in line with other digital marketing activities so you know that your investment is geared up for returns.  In short, we’ve done to bloggers and influencers what Google has done to ads.

How much do Australian bloggers charge?

For bloggers with extensive reach and influence you may be looking at $10k per post.  Like traditional media, this gets you peak time placement on a highly engaged platform with your sponsored content.  Amplification such as social media shout outs don’t cost as much but they aren’t “permanent” either.  For small bloggers, you may just need to pass them some product and a few dollars – this might sound like a good deal but if they’ve not got the reach or influence then it’s still money poorly invested.

Like all media, the demographic plays a big part in the cost.  A demo that is more likely to make a purchase costs more to reach.  To this end, fashion technology and food/restaurant bloggers tend to earn a higher fee per impression than parenting bloggers.  On average a fashion blogger earns up to five times the fee per impression of a non-commercial parenting blogger.

When size doesn’t matter

Niche influencers may not have the traffic of their bigger colleagues but as the sole influencer in a niche, a source of all things trusted on one specific topic… the level of influence results in better click through and conversion for you.  In Australia, niche bloggers are especially valuable to the business as we’re a big country with a relatively small population. Choosing a niche blogger helps you tap a nationwide passion for your product.  Brand Meets Blog specialises in SME and niche influencer and blogger outreach because we know the power of influence!

When you approach an Australian influencer or blogger for a quote, be sure to ask for the data!  You’ll need to know the average views on their sponsored posts, their social media impressions and click-through rates.  If you aren’t happy with the answer, we’ll spell it out in black and white so you can feel confident marketing your brand online.

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