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Amanda is an amazing person to introduce you to – she’s been blogging for ten years. WOW! I think that deserves an applause! I’ve enjoyed hearing her story and I hope you will too!

Meet Amanda from the travel blog, Not A Ballerina….

Not A Ballerina Blog

What’s your blog about and why did you start blogging?
Not A Ballerina is a travel blog, but not the ordinary kind that follows a traveller around. I’ve travelled a lot throughout my life and continue to do so but what Not A Ballerina really aims to do is talk about how much people can learn and change from travel and to encourage people to travel more.

I didn’t start off quite like that though – my blog began ten years ago this June, back when nobody had a clue what a blog was, and back then it was really a combination of a portfolio for magazine and website editors to see my writing, and a way to share my travels with my family and friends back home.

What have been your biggest blogging challenges so far?
Blogging has been a whole decade of challenges, I think! (With a lot of joy as well, obviously.) Over the years the challenges have varied – sometimes it’s been finding enough time to blog regularly, and at others it’s been struggling to find a larger audience. Recently – finally! – it all seems to be coming together quite well. Fingers crossed that this continues!

Is there anything that you’re super proud of?
Quite a few things, large and small. I’m enormously proud when a reader emails me to ask questions because they’re scared about going travelling, but later email back to thank me for my advice and tell me how much they loved their trip and how it helped them change. I was also pretty proud to win half a million frequent flyer points at the Problogger conference last year, because I’m sure it’s all those skills that my blog has taught me that helped me create a winning entry for Virgin’s contest. And I’m proud when school mums approach me at pick-up time to tell me they spent part of their day reading my blog and they have a story to tell me about their own travels.




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