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We specialise in connecting your brand with bloggers in your network,  talking to your people, delivering real influence in your digital space.

We believe there’s more to blogger outreach campaigns than “awareness”.  To drive real results, your blogger outreach campaign won’t just reach far and wide, it will reach narrow, targeted audiences too.  We combine some of Australia’s most influential top tier bloggers with a network of laser-targeted niche bloggers, for higher conversion rates and more sales.  We don’t keep a small roster of influencers and expect your brand to “fit” we keep a network of over a thousand Australian pro-bloggers and find you the right bloggers for your campaign.

Welcome to Brand Meets Blog – Australia’s only blogger outreach agency focused on your audience.

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Style And Substance - Blogger Outreach Campaigns That Actually Solve Business Problems

We don't peddle Insta Selfies, we create meaningful content that solves your customer's problems. Brand Meets Blog works with innovative and exciting brands to generate social PR and customer reach through targeted digital strategy and well-matched bloggers. Brand Meets Blog works with positive, dedicated Australian bloggers that your audience turn to for advice. Everyday.

Brands, Agencies and Bloggers - Work With Us

We don't keep a tight roster of same-same bloggers and then ask your brand to fit their message. Our network includes hundreds of professional Australian bloggers. Your campaign can include top tier bloggers with massive audiences and influence, more affordable second tier bloggers and highly targeted niche bloggers, already working in your industry. Blogger outreach doesn't have to be same-same, it can be extraordinary.

For Bloggers

For Bloggers

At Brand Meets Blog we empower and engage with bloggers who want to work professionally with corporate brands. To make money blogging, you’ll need to deliver pro skills...

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For Brands

For Brands

How a BMB blog promotion can help your business and brand At Brand Meets Blog we work with innovative and exciting brands (like you!) who want to generate amazing...

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For Agencies

For Agencies

Australia’s Leading Agencies Trust BMB We work with Australia’s largest Advertising Agencies, PR Agencies and Digital Agencies to uncover sales...

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Christmas Influencer Campaign Options

Christmas Influencer Campaign Options

Your Christmas Influencer Campaign is already wrapped up, with a bow on top!  This Christmas, our trusted bloggers are standing by to tell millions of Australian...

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Why our clients love us!

Buzz, reach, sentiment, engagement, click through and conversions... Your KPIs are always at the centre of our blogger outreach services.

“High engagement across all social platforms, tons of content created”

“This came together so quickly and was such a success,  you blew our expectations out of the water”

“1662 Conversions and Tons of Chatter”

“Regrams on Over 70% of Influencer Posts”

“117,000 Impressions Across Socials, Plus 200 Comments on Branded Blogs”

“71,719 Impressions with 100% Positive Sentiment”

“More Than 170,000 Impressions Across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook”

“36,758 Twitter Users Reached in One Crazy Hour”

“472,000 Social Impressions, 600,000 Readers, 100% Positive Sentiment”

  • Roadshow Films
  • Disney
  • Tiger Tribe
  • Qantas
  • Howards Storage World
  • Heart Foundation
  • Harris Coffee Event
  • Mix Apparel At Coles
  • Garnier